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Welcome to Jahpoo

We make Motion Duck Decoys

About Us

Based in Austin Texas, Jahpoo is a Waterfowl Motion Duck Decoy Company revolutionizing the game of the motion duck decoy industry. We noticed motion decoys lacked the ease of deployment, realism, and effective pricing. We decided to change that, by creating a, patent pending, butt-up motion duck decoy with an internal battery, weight, and motor all in one. Essentially we are a duck decoy company, but with a little spice. We're dedicated to being a sustainable, tech savey, modern, outdoor company. We’ve created a product, combining modern technology, realism, and life like movement, that leaves the hunter and their four legged side kick walking away with a limit.

Jahpoo Mascot holding the duck that inspired the company

Contact Us

5405 Grover Ave, Austin, Tx 78756


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